Dates: June 3rd & 4th, 2023

Vendor Coordinator

Shawn :

To be a vendor you must send in both forms, the application and the signed regulations.

Vendor Application


Vendor Regulations


  1. The Vendor Coordinator will be available for site assignments and booth set up on Friday June 3 between 3-5pm and Saturday morning at 9am. Vendors must first check in for their site assignments. Please do not set up your booth without site approval or you may have to move.
  2. Booths must be set up and operational between the hours of 10:00 am and 5:00 pm during the BBQ, and must remain open during these hours. Your booth may remain open later if you choose to do so.
  3. Electricity is NOT available.
  4. Vendors must provide their own booth and/or tables, chairs, covering or tenting for booths.
  5. Vendors must at all time keep their space properly cleaned and arranged. Vendors are responsible for their own clean up.
  6. Vendors are responsible for securing their booths and merchandise. Park security will not be responsible for vendor’s booths or its contents.
  7. Sound devices of any type are subject to the approval of the Youth Park Directors.
  8. Forestville Park Development, Inc. reserves the right to prohibit an exhibit/concession or any part thereof which in the sole judgment of the Youth Park Directors detracts from the character of the event or which may be objectionable or offensive to neighboring stands or the public. This limitation extends without limitation to persons, things, conduct, signage, products or printed matter.
  9. No dogs are allowed on the Youth Park property at any time, with the exception of service dogs.

You will be asked to sign this form:

The undersigned has registered as a vendor for the 2022 Forestville Youth Park BBQ. The undersigned assumes all risk and shall be responsible for all injury or damage of any kind to person’s property (regardless of who may be the owner of the property) resulting from the participation of the undersigned in the 2022 Forestville Youth Park BBQ.

In addition to the undersigned’s liability for personal in jury or property damage suffered through the undersigned’s negligence, which liability is not impaired or otherwise affected hereunder, the undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless the Forestville Park Development Inc., it’s agents,board members and employees from and against all loss, claims for damages or expense (including costs and attorney’s fees), arising in any manner out of the presence, activity, food, crafts or equipment of the undersigned and for damages thereof.